Desertriver gets quick results - housesit El Cajon California

Hi to House Carers - I just listed our profile yesterday re looking for a housesitter(s) for three months while we are gone. Within one day, I have received three excellent canidates, one of which I believe we will go with. Thank you very much for you excellent website... Pat .. desertriver

Need house / pet / yard sitter for above period. Would like retired couple. Have one acre of land, four dogs (three little ones inside, they have doggy-door), one large dog outside. Lots of plants, fish pond and a couple outside cats of which you'll probably never see, just feed daily. Very easy maintenance considering above. 38-year old son lives on back part of the property in his own home and he can take care of any problems the sitters might have. Very quiet neighborhood in the foothills. Prefer couple to stay here while we travel