Angel House Sitter found for two Dogs and Cat Scenic, Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

We had the pleasure of meeting Angel, (House sitter Username angelcanann) when she came to take care of our two dogs one is diabetic  and one cat...we asked her to come in a day early to get acquainted with our pets...they took to her immediately! We were able to keep in touch with her through out our two week absence...came home to very happy pets and a very neat and tidy home...not to mention a new friend! I highly recommend Angel...please do not hesitate to book her..or get in touch with us...Thanks Eileen (homeowner  grittygerty - profile Dogsitter Found Maple Ridge BC)

Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada

Farmer_R finds friendly, honest and trustworthy House Sitters for short-term housesitting of their old Bavarian Farm House

Thank you to Steffi & Peter Steffi & Peter alias Cori2a recently completed a 8 day housesit for me.I was not happy to leave the house and my pets the first time alone but Steffi & Peter did a great job.Both are very friendly, honest and trustworthy people and they looked after my house and pets brilliantly. 

My dog and the cats were very contented when I returned and the house was cleaner than when I left.  It was a wonderful experience and a great luck to met such a couple.

I would not hesitiate to recommend them for any other housesits and you can contact me anytime.Thank you!Regards,
Max alias Farmer_R

A Housesitting Picture tells a thousand Words

Follow on Pinterest. A house sitting Picture tells a thousand Words.  Dream of a refreshing change of scenery.  Sweep away the cobwebs? Breath deeply and imagine, get inspired, be thankful and find out how good it is to serve and help others.

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Recently Retired New Zealand, Teachers Enter a whole new World as Housesitters


Just to let you know we have just about confirmed our house sit in KeriKeri  (Bay of Islands) NZ.  We love being members of housecarers - it has opened up a whole new world to us. We are from New Zealand and have been members of housecarers for  3 years....  hampster2

This photo of Kerikeri is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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What an adventure we had in Egypt - after housesitting in Rochechouart,France, for 4 months this was another world - all good!

Natiional Geographic - wants to interview remote caretakers

My name is Eric Mintz and I am working with National Geographic to find some isolated caretakers. I was wondering if you could run a message to your group reading: "National Geographic Television would like to interview caretakers that work alone in isolated areas with no human contact and have to maintain and both their properties and their sanity as the guard and maintenance their facilities and locations.  We are interested in learning more about the unique challenges and privileges you encounter working in these remote locations.  If your current work isolates you for weeks at a time we would love to hear about the experience. If you are interested in speaking with us, please contact Eric Mintz at by February 26th."  Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

Pet and home owners gain new freedom using house sitters worldwide


A growing number of pet and home owners around the world are discovering the many benefits of using non-paid house sitters. The number of house sitting companies and websites has grown rapidly in recent years as home owners look for better solutions and travelers seek richer experiences with lower costs.

Pet and home owners everywhere have always faced the same challenge when they travel – how to care for their homes and beloved pets. Many pet owners never travel because they refuse to leave their pets in the care of others, while many other pet owners use house sitters to allow them to travel with less worry, expense and effort. 
Since pets are often considered members of the family, kennel boarding is not an option for most pet owners, who won’t subject their loved ones to a caged stay of any duration. Bringing pets along for travel is often not realistic, especially when there are old, large, or multiple pets involved. 
Animal experts also see the benefits. “Dogs are creatures of habit and are very emotionally connected to their home environment,” says Francine Miller, a canine behavior specialist. “It is always preferable to keep them in their home environment and in their normal routine to minimize stress.” 

Nearly 50,000 home owners have registered on, Housecarers  has been matching home owners and sitters since 2000. These owners are part of a large and growing segment of home owners enjoying the care and cost advantages of using pet-loving house sitters, who care for homes, pets, and even larger animals such as horses and llamas. Sometimes they care for injured or dying pets and help avert robberies and home disasters related to gas leaks, power outages, etc.

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“The popularity of housesitting is growing rapidly and the demand for housesits is often greater than the supply,” says Ian White, the founder and owner of HouseCarers. “Many house sitting websites have popped up recently, but the key is to create a secure environment for both parties to make a personalized match.”
House sitters on receive no money for caring for homes, only accommodation. Home owners on the site pay no fees at all to connect with sitters.

“Housesitting is all about mutual benefit,”  “And making new friends from around the world.”

House sitter found for Cradle Mountain, Deloraine, Devonport, and Launceston giving access to fabulous scenery, beautiful food (cherries, raspberries, cheese) and wonderful people

Service thru this company have been nothing short of exceptional. This is a first time usage for me and I would not hesitate to use it and or recommend to others. I feel I have found a wonderful couple to cat and house sit. Regards ..  Pat. 

 Eddie the Cat

View housesitter found ad for Sheffield, Nook, Devonport Nth. West .,TAS Australia

May 2,2014 For 5 months or there abouts to suit.. | Long Term