Update Your Housesitting Calendar with your housesit commitments

Don't forget to update your Calendar with your Housesit Commitments (Tools / Calendar after login) Here is a great example of how one House Sitter has filled out their Housesit commitments http://bit.ly/1Gp3QtV The visiting Home owner can view your calendar by Year, Month , Week even day.

 Do you know that Calendar is one of the most mis-spelt words often spelt Calender (Author is guilty)

Plumbing Expert advises we should Line up housesitters to Prevent Pipes Freezing

Plumbing Expert advises we should Line up housesitters

People jetting away on southern vacations may want to take extra precautions so they don’t come back to big bills.

Depending on insurance policies, homeowners may be required to have someone physically in a home within a certain time frame in order to get coverage.

Geno Pace, an NSCC plumbing instructor, says half the calls plumbers get this time of year are related to frozen pipes. (Courtesy Nova Scotia Community College)

Pace says house sitters should run taps throughout the house and check to ensure rooms aren’t cold.


Professional couple From Viginia, seeking to explore new places love their Santa Fe House and Pet Sit experience

We recently completed a marvellous House Sit in Santa Fe (Fullhouse43). We loved the house, the pets, and the area and the house owners were pleased too. Can't say enough about the great service Housecarers.com provides.

We live in Virginia and are interested in house sitting because we love to explore new places.

Professional, conscientious couple seeking to explore new places on short-term and long-term assignments

A little about  house sitters welshrarebit

Copacabana Homeowner Finds Lovely Girls for Dogs and Homesitter, and saves their Cruise after Friend Lets them down

I cannot recommend Housecarers highly enough! 

I was stuck in a real bind after our friend that we had arranged to mind our home pulled out exactly one week before we were due to go on a cruise and with two dogs to have cared for panic was starting to set in. 

I placed my ad for a housesitter and had ten responses! I picked two young American girls travelling around Australia and they were brilliant. Our dogs loved them, they looked after the house beautifully and were just about the loveliest girls you could meet.

Alphie, loved his Housesitters
Live in Dog Sitters
Housesitters DanicaHare
I'd recommend Housecarers to everyone and plan on telling all my friends about it! ... Julieanne


The user name of the girls was Housesitters DanicaHare, absolutely wonderful girls.

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