House Sitting Sarah, Explores the world out there. and perhaps finds a New place that is uber delicious to live.

Hello Ian,

I have been enjoying house sitting SO much and just wanted to say, "Thanks!

Sarah, exploring her New Worlds.  View Sarah's profile username FreeHeart

I am from San Diego, California, and over the past year and a half have house sat on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica,; The Vieques Island of Puerto Rico; next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for a couple of weeks as a vacation with my son; and in San Diego for a fun stay in my home town in between other house sits.  It has been a marvelous way for me to experience places I'm curious about either from a visitor perspective and/or as a potential next home area.

As my son, who is now a delightful 21 years and has "disabilities", moved toward living in a supported new home, it felt like an excellent time for me to explore the world out there and perhaps find a new place that is uber delicious to live! 

I've been having a marvelous time and look forward to more explorations!  When I started house sitting in June of 2014, I took a leap, sold most of the things in my life and left my home for 4 months on Vieques.

Since then, I've been experiencing a rich sense of being at home in the world and being the one being taken care of by a greater field of Life.  I do look forward to establishing a new home base some day; meanwhile, I'm having a wonderful time without one!

Based on your email address, it looks like you're in Australia.  I'd enjoy visiting that great place sometime!  We'll see what happens!

Thanks for your interest and for the service!


Homeowners From British Columbia, securely Matched with House Sitters, for a 2nd time, so they can enjoy their Holiday, with their 3 spoilt cats in good hands.

Hi Ian -

We have been having the most wonderful luck finding housesitters on the housecarers website.  Very efficient service and I have recommended it to numerous friends.  

We will certainly continue using it often.  We have housesitters currently in our home for 5 weeks while we are away, and another couple coming in January for 3 months

Garden By The River

All the previous ones have been very very good and we have remained email buddies with some of them.  No need to remind us of your wonderful service!

Relaxing in the Gazebo

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House Sitting takes retired Canadian Couple on an Interesting 8 year ride around the world


We've been housesitting full time for going on eight years now, and we're booked through to December 2016.  By then, it will probably be time to give it up.  So not much point renewing.  Still, I want to thank you for all the opportunities over the years.  We've been literally around the world and it's been a more than interesting ride.
All the best,
Matt & Paula

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A long term housesit allows you to really explore and get to know an area. WIt can be a  great escape, and opportunity to refresh, and realy experience the local customs and community.  Long term housesits are ideal for Digital Nomads = like me , as I can run the business from anywhere in the world. Have fun browsing... Ian

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