Cat Proofing Your Home

Cats are certainly very inquisitive creatures by nature and, very much like young children, will see many everyday items in the home as exciting new toys to play with. Unfortunately, the average house is full of potential hazards; so it is important to check your home thoroughly to ensure the safety and well-being of your cat.

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It is probably best to check round your house room by room and then move into the garden area and have a thorough check round there. Bathrooms and kitchens are two of the worst areas in the house. Both are areas where you will probably spend a reasonable amount of time everyday and that means your cat will want to be there too.

Think carefully about kitchen appliances - do they need to be out on the work surface? If you have been using the sink, do not leave it full of water, as a kitten could easily drown in it. Never leave pans, grills, toasters, etc, unattended when in use - interesting and tempting cooking smells could lure your cat into a very dangerous situation. Empty hobs, which have just been in use, will stay hot for some time and could badly scald your cat if walked on, so keep your cat away.

It may be a good idea to try and discourage your cat from jumping up onto the work surfaces.

Washers and dryers hold some kind of immense fascination for cats and a recently used and warm dryer, could make a tempting bed for a while. Always check your machines before putting any washing or drying in - it may even be a good idea to keep the machine doors closed at all times. Cats also seem to have an affinity for dirty washing, so your laundry basket may also be a suitable place for sleeping - always check where your cat is when loading up your washing machine.

As we know, cats spend plenty of time cleaning themselves and licking their paws. Unfortunately, they can absorb all kinds of poisons through their pads. Consider cleaning agents carefully before purchasing them, ensuring that they are safe for animals. Always store them in a cupboard out of the way and lock the door if possible.

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Bathrooms, like kitchens, are also areas where plenty of water is used, which can sometimes be scalding hot. Never leave baths or basins full of water unattended and always keep the toilet seat down.

Houseplants can also pose a threat to your feline friend, as some of them are poisonous. Some cats appear to be able to sense when a plant is poisonous but to be on the safe side, it is best to check the safety of any plants you already have in the house as well as any you purchase.

Other living areas of the house may contain hidden dangers too, such as telephone leads, computer cables and any other type of electrical cables. Cats will adore these and will again see them as something exciting to play with - apart from potentially pulling equipment down on themselves, they may chew through cables and electrocute themselves. If possible, computer equipment is best kept in a room on its own with the door shut. Any loose and dangling leads should be placed behind things out of the way, or contained in a piece of conduit. This should help to protect them from feline attention.

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Open fires should be protected with a fireguard and any other small items around the home such as needlework equipment, drawing pins, rubber bands, paper clips, etc, should be kept in an appropriate box and put away after use.

If you live in a flat or an apartment, open windows could also be a hazard, as your cat will soon learn how to get through them and may not appreciate that there is a long drop below. You may have to attach a piece of mesh to the opening. Balconies can also pose a threat; so a mesh framework covered with climbing plants may act as a deterrent.

Moving into the garden area, even more dangers may be lurking, particularly in sheds, garages and other out buildings. Tools and chemicals are often stored in these areas, so always check that your cat hasn't slipped in anywhere whilst you have been working outside - keep them locked up when not in use

If your cat is free to roam around outside, it may come across all kinds of dangers in other gardens, but you can at least ensure that yours is as safe as possible. Think again about poisonous plants, insecticides, slug pellets, etc. All these items can be lethal to your cat.

As a cat owner, you must provide your feline companion with the best possible care and attention. Keeping him/her safe in your home will hopefully avoid any unnecessary dangers and help to ensure a long and happy life.

By Ian White ©

House Sitting Sarah, Explores the world out there. and perhaps finds a New place that is uber delicious to live.

Hello Ian,

I have been enjoying house sitting SO much and just wanted to say, "Thanks!

Sarah, exploring her New Worlds.  View Sarah's profile username FreeHeart

I am from San Diego, California, and over the past year and a half have house sat on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica,; The Vieques Island of Puerto Rico; next to the Grand Canyon in Arizona for a couple of weeks as a vacation with my son; and in San Diego for a fun stay in my home town in between other house sits.  It has been a marvelous way for me to experience places I'm curious about either from a visitor perspective and/or as a potential next home area.

As my son, who is now a delightful 21 years and has "disabilities", moved toward living in a supported new home, it felt like an excellent time for me to explore the world out there and perhaps find a new place that is uber delicious to live! 

I've been having a marvelous time and look forward to more explorations!  When I started house sitting in June of 2014, I took a leap, sold most of the things in my life and left my home for 4 months on Vieques.

Since then, I've been experiencing a rich sense of being at home in the world and being the one being taken care of by a greater field of Life.  I do look forward to establishing a new home base some day; meanwhile, I'm having a wonderful time without one!

Based on your email address, it looks like you're in Australia.  I'd enjoy visiting that great place sometime!  We'll see what happens!

Thanks for your interest and for the service!


Homeowners From British Columbia, securely Matched with House Sitters, for a 2nd time, so they can enjoy their Holiday, with their 3 spoilt cats in good hands.

Hi Ian -

We have been having the most wonderful luck finding housesitters on the housecarers website.  Very efficient service and I have recommended it to numerous friends.  

We will certainly continue using it often.  We have housesitters currently in our home for 5 weeks while we are away, and another couple coming in January for 3 months

Garden By The River

All the previous ones have been very very good and we have remained email buddies with some of them.  No need to remind us of your wonderful service!

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Why you should never leave your home empty when traveling

House Sitting takes retired Canadian Couple on an Interesting 8 year ride around the world


We've been housesitting full time for going on eight years now, and we're booked through to December 2016.  By then, it will probably be time to give it up.  So not much point renewing.  Still, I want to thank you for all the opportunities over the years.  We've been literally around the world and it's been a more than interesting ride.
All the best,
Matt & Paula

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Long Term Housesit - 6 months France

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A long term housesit allows you to really explore and get to know an area. WIt can be a  great escape, and opportunity to refresh, and realy experience the local customs and community.  Long term housesits are ideal for Digital Nomads = like me , as I can run the business from anywhere in the world. Have fun browsing... Ian

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Don't forget to update your Calendar with your Housesit Commitments (Tools / Calendar after login) Here is a great example of how one House Sitter has filled out their Housesit commitments The visiting Home owner can view your calendar by Year, Month , Week even day.

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Plumbing Expert advises we should Line up housesitters to Prevent Pipes Freezing

Plumbing Expert advises we should Line up housesitters

People jetting away on southern vacations may want to take extra precautions so they don’t come back to big bills.

Depending on insurance policies, homeowners may be required to have someone physically in a home within a certain time frame in order to get coverage.

Geno Pace, an NSCC plumbing instructor, says half the calls plumbers get this time of year are related to frozen pipes. (Courtesy Nova Scotia Community College)

Pace says house sitters should run taps throughout the house and check to ensure rooms aren’t cold.