Housesitting Widow Lona escapes the Calgery Alberta Cold winter (..brrrrrrrr) to Melbourne VIC Australia, and gets to know the locals

Dear Ian: Finally getting around to dropping a note to say how much I enjoyed a 6 week housesit in Melbourne through Housecarers and to thank you for providing this website.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and guess I'd say my main reason for housesitting is to get out of the cold weather in winter.

Getting to know 'the locals' wherever you go is an added bonus . . . hopefully you'll 'click' (have enough 'common
ground') to make it a very enjoyable experience . . . which happened with Carmel in Melbourne.

Am thinking that I'm interested in applying for housesits required in California which would be closer to get to from Canada, but haven't got around to updating my housecarers site as yet.

Thanks again for providing the website and look forward to more enjoyable 'sits'.

.. Lona..(nina49)
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