Denver Colorado Homeowner shares their house sitting experience

We've been using house-sitters for many years now and have become friends with some.
It's very important to be a good judge of character and to get references. I always check the potential house-sitter out on the internet if they pique my interest.

We don't pay our house-sitters and in fact, they're responsible for paying the utilities (other than water) while they're house-sitting. Most of our house-sitters are amenable to this because living in a different state or country gives them the opportunity for a "free" vacation. We let them use our vehicle while they're here. Our major requirement of house-sitters is that they vet our mail and let us know of bills due, to whom, the address and amount.

Yard maintenance is also an expectation. With one house-sitter, we set up an account for $1,000, in our joint names so that they could pay the bills for us. That worked out well, though I wouldn't recommend it unless the homeowner really trusted the house-sitter....

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2 months housesit Denver - Details:

We require a mature age couple or perhaps single non-smoker(s) to care for our home while we are on vacation.

We do not have pets.

No yard work is required other than shaking snow off trees and clearing of path and sidewalk (about 20 feet) if there is snow.

We require attention to our mail and e-mail notification of bills, so that we can timely pay them. The housesitter is responsible for paying electric/gas utilities and phone. We pay water bills.

Our home is two-storey and is located near Denver University and about an hour from the nearest ski fields. Denver has a good theater district. The home is handy to all facilities, such as supermarkets, post office, dining out, bus service and light rail to city.