Feedback from Maryland homeowner of beautiful waterfront home

I am very impressed with, and will use it again and again.
Thanks for your excellent site.... Jamie1waterfront

Housesit below filled:
I have a beautiful waterfront home on a creek located in the Eastern Shore of MD outside of St. Micheals. I wish to have a reliable person or couple, with refs. to pet sit my dog Sadie, who is wonderfully behaved and obedient, and my 2 very friendly cats for the period approx from Aug. 10 thru Sept. 3 with wiggle room. My home is located on the water with water access to the creek, with kayaks for your use. This area is also superior for bike riding. I have a beautiful 2 bedrom 2 bath home with a/c, ultra-cable and bird-watching to offer. This is a non-paying job. My home is situated on a small cove with plenty of privacy. My dog requires a short walk every day. My cats require little. While I am travelling I wish to have someone at my home, versus a come&go pet sitter. So I will call you periodically from Europe