New Reply All facility added to Homeowners Message area

To make it easier to respond to all applicants for a housesit we have added a "Reply to ALL Applicants" Link from the Homeowner Message Inbox. (The link appears at the top of the page)

If you select this link a message will be sent to all sitter candidates who have applied since the date you posted your latest housesit. (Many homeowners return to use our service - so have posted a number of housesits)

At the confirmation page you can choose to exclude sending messages to particular house sitter members by including their usernames in the exclude box. (eg you may not want to send to the succesfull applicant).

You can still send indvidual messages by selecting each message and responding to it.

Many House Sitters are reporting putting time into applying for House Sits, and get discouraged when they don't get a reply.

We would appreciate if you could kindly respond to any applications you have received. To make it easy you can use the the reply all link from your messages inbox, so you can respond to all house sitter candidates.

To reply to house sitters individualy first click on the message link from your message inbox.

If you have found a house sitter, or no longer need a house sitter we would appreciate you using reply all from your message box, to let the sitters know; then clicking the suspend button to remove your ad.

This means house sitters won't have to wade through house sit postings that are filled or no longer available.

OR you may want to send out a message to all candidates, letting them know that you are still considering applications.

Thankyou Ian ... Housecarers Membership Services