Wandering Brenda Marie back home.

Good morning Ian,

I trust all is well with you and yours...

I have just returned from two months of wandering... in Madeira, Portugal & the English countryside...

Then a very interesting 3 wks 'Hotel/ Cat Sit' in lovely peaceful Lamalou-les-bains in South France....Where I was taking care of Pumpkin, Garfield & Tubby... (All with great personalities!!! :)
Plus, I kept an eye on the hotel business whilst Janice & Bernard (Very attentive host's) where away in Torquay, UK buying another Hotel.

Now catching up on missed/unattended e-mail
Whilst in France my host's computer "Crashed"... during a 5+ hour thunder/lighting storm!

I now see to my surprise.... you have presented me with a re-newed membership. So very kind of you! I continue to handout your web address when ever I meet (like) people who show interest in animals & this unique way of travel.

My sincere thanks for your kindness, wishing you continued success with www.housecarers.com.

Brenda Marie (ImpeccableReferences) (Now back home in Vancouver for a while...)