Promoting your Personal House Sitter web page/s

We have created a personal web address for your House Sitter profile to assist
your promotion.

You can now access your page/s using the following personal URL (web address)
Substituting XXXXXX for your username

You can use this to post at bulletin boards, in your email signature,
blogs, promotional material, at your own website, or anywhere on the Internet.

This will also benefit you as the search engines will find more links to
your page/s and promote them in their index. This means when home owners
search for house sitters in your city/area you are more likely to be found in
search engine results.

If you contribute to discussions at groups or forums you are normally allowed
to include your URL as a signature at the bottom of your post. This is acceptable
if you are contributing to a discussion and not just promoting your own interest.

You can find pet, home and travel related groups to join at:

Just do a search for pets, travel home security and related terms at the above web sites.

Please be sure that you test
your personal url (web address)
- prior to use.